Who says white walls have to be boring?

White Kitchen

The concept of white walls with pops of color was starting to gain some traction in 2017-2018 but since the emergence from the pandemic it has really become full blown with its popularity. Are you on the bandwagon yet?

Post-pandemic, we all want to feel clean and free of disease and design trends reflect that. The feeling of being sequestered from this virus has left everyone wanting to feel open, alive, light, and clean.

The concept of the color scheme of all white walls with just pops of color is fabulous

I love this color scheme concept because it is so incredibly flexible.

Working with clients I would see the same thought process time and again. People wanted gold tile floors or green tile backsplash or an orange granite countertop.

Whatever the color they desired, that was established in the finishes of their home. To change that up would be catastrophically expensive and hugely disruptive to their life.

The major problem with committing to color in your backgrounds is that you are stuck with it or a large bill to change it. 

A photo of a white bedroom

Photo by Trend on Unsplash

The trend over the past few decades has been to design with warm, dark tones. Home fashions were filled with earth tones of brown, hunter green, and deep russet. 

Now the veil has lifted and it is time to embrace the change! 

The concept of having a white color scheme where everything is light and fresh with just pops of color is brilliant. If you are in a blue mood you can add your accessories, art, and pillows. 

Feeling up for a change? You can easily change the blue to red while your background still stays white. Maybe throw in a little bit of greige to bridge the red or the strong colors and, voila! You have a new color scheme! I love this concept.

Consider Using All Neutral White Walls And Letting The Plants Be Your Pop!

Keeping your backgrounds neutral white or cream and just adding loads of plants is a fabulous trend as well. 

When this trend passes, you still have a neutral background to play with.  Adding nature into our surroundings has proven healthy benefits as well. We all can use that as we emerge into the post-pandemic world. 

You can also consider floral plants that have deep hue colors of raspberry, blue, or yellow. These will all add an interesting pop to any color scheme, especially with white walls.

Need A Quick Change? Let Me Show You How

I have embraced the white color scheme with my new home in Florida and it feels amazing!

I kept my furnishings a little bit on a greige tone. With the sand we have living near the water, I did not want to worry too much about dirt. The possibility of white getting stained with the normal trek of living is pretty high.

I am in a Caribbean mode at the moment, so we have a lot of tropical plants around as well. The color is in the gorgeous bromeliads and tropical plants we have added.

Accents of blues and greens surround us in the accessories. If I get tired of this in another year, I can change it out so easily! That excites me after living in my yellow and brown house for years upon years.

The Flooring Trick To Keep Your White From Being Boring

a photo of a modern glam interior design with a pink sofa

The trend right now is to keep everything light and let the flooring be a little bit more of a neutral palette. Perhaps something like beige and greige.  Not a cold gray, but nice warm greige. Again, by adding lots of tropical plants for color, you have a beautiful, natural palette.

This is a fabulous look and it really sings popularity of rebirth after this pandemic.

Another trend that is emerging is Modern Glam. This style of design is dependent on light, neutral backgrounds.  If you are concerned at all about what being boring, have a look at Modern Glam

With this style, you can go a bit more bold with your flooring such as the checkerboard pattern shown above. 

Don't Forget About The Plants!

Finally, get rid of old silk plants! These dusty, dirty, dated accessories from the 1980s have no place in the new millennial 20s. Treat yourself to some live plants. They are cheaper, they are fabulous and they are healthier for our immediate surroundings. Live plants do not get nearly as dusty as a silk plant and they look amazing as they bloom and grow.

Breathe in and breathe out with the freshness of this new concept of white schemes with pops of color. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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