As a merchandiser, it is extremely important to know not only what is current, but also what is coming up next. 

Looking through the lens of not what is on the shelf, but what is in the next shipment to go on display for the retail market has become second nature to me, and now I want to share it with you. 

This is my page where I can share what’s new, what’s coming, and what I’m loving.

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Trends To Watch In 2023
A photo of a colorful dining set

Impactful Colors

Note to self: Color is back with a bang! This is a full assault after the lockdowns and oppression of the past few years. Color, led by Pantone's Viva Magenta, for 2023 is bold, competitive, and daring. Proceed with caution when adding bold hues in hard-to-replace installations. Trends this strong may have a long runway, but they can also become dated very quickly.

A photo of a bedroom with geometeric pillows

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are everywhere right now & you can expect to see this fun detail to have a lasting impact. Why? Our subconscious need for safety from the expected. This trend isn't surprising, but it is delightful and welcome! We are also seeing a throwback to the fun and fantasy of the late 1960s & early 1970s. There's a modern feel to these familiar patterns. Enjoy them and use them in every aspect of your lifestyle refresh for 2023.

An image of a bended metal

Fresh Use of Metals

I am most excited about this new trend. It's the metal that we embraced during the rise of Industrial Modern, but it's bright (thank you brass!) and pliable. Metals are being marketing with new finishes, some shiny but some matte. Mostly, metals in the 2023 marketplace, are futuristic and unexpected. Don't worry about being too safe when adding metals to your interiors right now. They are bold and fun!

Trends Gaining Traction

Strong Colors & Patterns

Look for bold patterns with bright colors.  They are already in the retail arena! When applying this trend to interiors, keep it to the accents of pillows and art.  Be cautious of painting an accent wall or investing in a colorful piece of furniture as this trend may be a quickly passing phase.  

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Japandi! The New Kid In Town

If you have picked up any sort of fashion or design magazine in the past few months, you couldn’t have missed the latest design trend: Japandi. This is an outstanding trend, and I’m guessing it will be here for quite some time. The name itself comes from a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian and it speaks to the growing popularity of sustainability.  It’s clean, functional, and simplistic but the pieces still have stellar character. Have fun with this one!

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Inspiration and Trends

worth keeping

Interior design trends move much more slowly than fashion trends because they are costly to change.  Here are some trends that are NEW & some that still have viability in the “New Normal”. 


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