The Number 1 Secret To Staying Organized

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Organization is essential to my life. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am the incarnate of Monica Geller. I take that as a compliment. So when I hear people tell me that they can clean their home, but there is no way they can maintain organization, it intrigues me.
Now I want to share the biggest secret to staying organized. If you think this is just about containers, you’re wrong. Read on! 

Staying Organized Doesn't Take Extra Time

Our lives are all busy. That is a given. Now factor in working and schooling from home. Organization is in the forefront of everyone’s mind to maintain sanity. 

I always follow the mantra that everything in my home needs to be within arm’s reach. I find that is a really helpful hint to keep in the back of my mind while going through my daily life.

Have Beautiful Storage

Beautiful storage is probably not at the forefront of your mind when it comes to organizing. Color coding and uniform bin placement are uniquely helpful in staying organized. 
The psychology of aesthetics in looking at beautiful things not only promotes mental health and well-being, it also increases productivity!  (Ok, so there is a little mention of containers here.)
That said, I recommend that you invest in containers, cubbies, and bins to make your life easier. You can do this at some mid-range retailers like The Container Store. They offer an amazing assortment of fun, colorful, and practical storage applications in your quest of staying organized.
You will definitely be able to get more pieces that match and look aesthetically pleasing in at a bigger retailer. However I am a huge advocate of hunting at Home Goods or back-end retailers.
That said once you have all your cubbies and bins etc., you will find putting things away is much easier.

Prep your pantry for success!

When you get home from grocery shopping, how do your put away the things that you have just brought home? Do you leave cereal, cookies, and pasta in the original packaging and put them into a pantry or refrigerator?
You should be removing all of these from the original packages and storing them in airtight containers of the same or similar size. 
First, the items will stay fresher longer. They will also look pleasing when you open your cabinets.
Most importantly though, you will have everything within arm’s reach. This will be a life changer, making it quick and easy to move through your life.

Have your snacks ready to go!

Having all of your snacks stored in a grab-and-go container is equally important for organization and health. 

Snacks like string cheese are a culprit! Snacks like these are typically individually packaged but connected by a perforated piece of plastic. Just take a minute to separate those and put them in a nice vertical container so that the single packs a standing up. If you are running out of the house, you can easily grab a snack and pop it in your bag for an extra source of nutrition through the day. 

I also recommend always putting a colorful bowl of hard-boiled eggs in the refrigerator to grab as a quick pick me up.  

Prep Your Typical Outfits

Again, everything within reach. I choose to hang my outfits together on hangers. That is, if I have a blouse that I always wear with the same jacket, those items are hung together and ready to go. 

If I’m running late, I only need to grab one hanger and I know the outfit is already put together. 

You can go a step further and put any jewelry that you wear with your items together in a Ziploc bag and clip it to the hanger.  Now you’re really set to go in a pinch! Your closet will look better, be organized, and you will find that you spend less time hunting for things.  That all adds up to “finding” time in the end. 

There is not one person reading this who would not look at a picture of this organized closet and say, “I love that, I want that.”
an image of closet organization

Photo by Mike Gattorna via Pixabay

Are You Motivated?

The trick to all of this is keeping things at an arm’s reach. I think that is where people fail. If you are just putting boxes on the pantry shelf, each time you need it, you are pulling it apart to open it. 
The same goes with your closet. If your outfits aren’t hung together, you will be rummaging through your hangers to find what you are looking for. 
Check out additional posts about your work from home desk organization and superior closet organization! I hope you find these helpful. Happy organizing!

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