How To Use Astrology To Avoid Conflicts

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If astrology is fake, why is it so accurate?

Here’s another fun fact about me. My mother was a licensed astrologer. I bet you didn’t know that was a thing!

Growing up in the 1970s, The Age of Aquarius was on everyone’s lips and astrology was the trendiest of topics. Hearing conversations about ascendants and trines were everyday occurrences at our dinner table. So, it is hardly a wonder that I have some broad knowledge and a keen interest in astrology.

Through a series of articles, I am going to share some astrology basics with you!

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For me astrology is a way of paying attention to the universe

As someone who is very tuned in to spiritual things around me, I don’t take coincidence for granted. Things are happening for a reason and there are energies around universe. Like many, I can feel it in my everyday life.

There are days when I feel everything is out of whack. Things that I typically have in firm control are suddenly just falling apart around me. Perhaps everybody feels that from time to time. Then comes the frustration of, “Why I can’t get anything done today?” 

I look at those negative situations and search for certain elements of the universe. Maybe they are working against each other and causing a disruption. Even more to the point, it is possible to find the answers as to how to react accordingly? I find this helpful a way of dealing with stress and frustration in everyday life. 

I believe in Astrology, but horoscopes are nonsense

I don’t look at horoscopes and think, this is how tomorrow is going to be and therefore I should or should not do this or that.

Horoscopes are written largely for entertainment of the masses. They have no bearing on a single person and how their life is unfolding. However, when situations are taking a turn for the worse, it is interesting to refer to astrology to see if perhaps something brought that on. Typically the answer is in the stars. 

The universe is a vast, dark, and largely unknown space

We certainly aren’t the only beings out here on our little planet in our tiny galaxy, as least I don’t believe that we are all alone out here. That said, it is inconceivable that we will ever understand all there is to know about the stars, the planets, and the entirety of the universe. 

Perhaps that means the basics of astrology are incorrect or a bit abstract. Regardless, when you read past the tabloid horoscopes and look deeper into charts, it is really fascinating!

We can all get down on ourselves from situations happening in our daily life for whatever reason.

A lot of people beat themselves up over things that are completely out of their control. Undoubtedly, there is probably some astrological element causing this disruption. I believe there is a higher power guiding us through our lives – beyond a doubt.

Birth Charts And The Underrated Logistics Of The Moon

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In order to fully understand astrology, you need a crash course on birth charts, also known as natal charts.

Anyone who is remotely interested in astrology can tell you their sun sign. Rarely however, do they know their ascendant, (aka rising), or moon signs. This triad, (sun, moon, rising), is crucial to understanding your thought process, motivations, and reactions to elements of communication in the world around you.

Our passions and emotional responses to everything in our lives are governed by our moon sign. The moon represents your emotions, needs, and unconscious reactions. Thus, the moon rules over the sign of Cancer – no surprise.

If you want to learn more about your natal chart, check out an astrology app. I recommend the app Time Passages. There are many apps available right now that can give you the same information, but I enjoy the insights on this app. Time Passages really breaks down the core of each planet and sign so even the most novice of followers can understand elements of a chart. 

Because I am hyper-focused on relationships and communication with others, understanding this element of astrology is intriguing to me. So, how can you find out what your moon sign actually is? 

In order to get an accurate natal chart with your ascendant and moon sign, you will need the following items: 

  • Date of Birth (that’s the easy bit!)
  • Exact time of Birth (found on your birth certificate)
  • Location of Birth (city, state, and country)

If you have this information, you can enter it in their easy-to-use format & immediately access your chart. Pretty cool. 

Understanding Planets In Retrograde - And How They Affect Relationships

Let’s take a look at interesting phenomenon of retrogrades. When planets are said to go into retrograde, it is really just an optical illusion. Planets don’t really stop their orbit and reverse course. 

While all planets fall into retrograde, the two most common ones are those with smaller orbits than Earth, Mercury and Venus. Why do we care? In astrology, when any planet goes into retrograde, it creates a disruption of the dominating element of that planet

Mercury is the planet of communication. When this planet falls into retrograde, be aware that communication can create some misunderstandings. This phenomenon happens approximately every four months.

Venus is dominant for love and passion, so when that goes into retrograde, relationships can suffer a bit of a bumpy ride. Fortunately Venus goes in to retrograde just once every 18 months.

Mercury in Retrograde - The One To Watch

Because Mercury retrograde happens so often, we can all be subject to the repercussions multiple times every year.

We are living in a time when everyone seems to be taking stands and passionately supporting different causes and organizations. Seemingly wonderful, until heated discussions turn to anger. Taking care with our means of support and even more so with verbalizing disrespect is crucially important to communication.

This is especially true during Mercury retrograde. 

The period of time when Mercury is in retrograde is notorious for miscommunication with people. Whenever I find that I am misunderstood by someone, I will look to the stars. Perhaps they are angry with me over something trivial and relationships explode. If Mercury is in retrograde, I usually back off and just let things lie for a beat.

Disagreements can get out of hand when someone won’t apologize and things get heated. Dropping the emotions in favor of the planets moving through the sky does help a lot.

We have all felt this. There are times when conversations are not going well. Perhaps you have noticed an otherwise strong relationship where the communication suddenly falls apart. Inevitably Mercury is in retrograde. I don’t know why that happens it just does. Never question the power of the universe. 

There is More To Come!

Relationships are important to me. That is the basis for why I find astrology so interesting. Again it’s just something I play with and have fun with it. but I also listen to it and try to learn from it.

All the same, I really do try to understand other people. When things don’t go well in life, it gives me an explanation as to what is happening so I can carry-on. Like others, I don’t want to beat myself up over things falling apart around me. Instead you will find me looking to the stars in search of answers.

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