Paris Itinerary Planner

a photo of a week in Paris by sunset

Getting To France by Plane or Train

Flying in to Charles de Gaulle airport can be intimidating due to the expansive layout and the fact that everything is in French. Fear not – traveling to France is easier than you may think! 

If you come in by train from most locations, you will come in to Gare du Nord train station. This station located in the north part of Paris is the hub for the Eurostar and Thalys trains which can get you to England via The Chunnel, Belgium or the Netherlands on the continent. 

Paris has a great underground subway system which is called the Metro, allowing travelers to get to just about any area of the city at rapid speed. The Metro is clean, quick, and comfortable. If you do run into trouble, there is always a friendly face to help! 

The trains are easy to navigate as they are clearly designated with the last stop of the line posted on the front. There’s never a worry that you are on the wrong train or going the wrong direction. 

A Week In Paris
Eiffel Tower

Day 1 - Arrondissements 6 & 7

 South Side: The Eiffel Tower

Day 2 - Arrondissements 1 & 8

The Old City Center 

a photo of the Louvre at night

Day 4 - Versailles

 This is a day outside of Paris. Take an RER train to Versailles 

*While Versailles is outside of the city of Paris proper, it’s worth taking a day trip. The train ride is just over an hour and trains run approximately every fifteen minutes. Check out the timetables and pricing here

a photo of the paris opera house

Day 5 - Arrondissements 9, 8/17, & 16

The Grand Boulevards

Day 6 - Arrondissement 5

The Latin Quarter 

a photo of the arc d triomphe

Day 7 - Arrondissement 18

Montmartre & Beyond 

The Cathedral of Saint Denis is actually outside of this arrondissement, but worth the visit. Studying who Saint Denis was and why he was martyred is quite interesting!

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a photo of the Sacre Coeur

Sacré-Cœur Basilica, Montmartre

Also known as the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, this fabulous church is set high on the hills on Montmartre in Paris.  If you can stop and tour inside, it is well worth the time. The interior is stunning and the massive pipe organ is unreal.  Take a moment to stop and enjoy the views from the hilltop overlooking the city of lights. Fantastic! 

petit trianon

Petit Trianon - Versailles

Let them eat cake, will you just? The Petit Trianon is a hefty walk from the main Palace at Versailles & if you are in a hurry, you may miss it. It is deceptively small against the backdrop of the Palace and the nearby Grand Trianon, but the interior is quiet extensive.  Although this was originally designed for Madame Du Barry by Louis XV, it is Marie Antoinette with whom most associate with this lovely little chateau.

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