Simple Tricks To Creating a Resort-Style Bedroom

Resort-style bedroom

Photo by Kam Idris via Unsplash

Wouldn’t you love to have a resort-style bedroom in your own home? Spending a weekend at the Ritz Carlton is fabulous but it doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime getaway. You can create the same ambiance in your own home with just a few magical changes.

Resort style master suites started trending before the pandemic. First appearing in very exclusive areas of Southern California, the architecture of new homes adapted more luxurious spaces.

This style of design meant to very clearly replicate suites of fabulous hotels like The Four Seasons or The Ritz Carlton. It worked!

Living The Dream!

This trend captured the imagination of home buyers who were dreaming about living in their own home but feeling like they were at a lavish five-star resort.

As a designer, I believe everyone should put extra emphasis on the interior of their master bedroom. I talk to a lot of clients who have said they do not want to spend a lot of money on the master bedroom design because no one will see it. 

Well, that is true, but there is not one realtor on the face of the earth who will not tell you that the master bedroom is one of the biggest selling points for your home. So let’s get started!

First Things First - Find Your Inspiration

The first thing you need to consider is your bed. 

Every master suite should have an amazing, luxe bed. If you are not sure of the style you should have, walk through some furniture stores, and look at the beds and vignettes they have set up. 

Look through the internet at amazing hotels and check their photo section. The feeling that you have looking at those is the exact feeling you should have every single night walking into your master bedroom. It is an investment and you deserve it.

Resort Master Bedroom

Photo by Andrew Jones via Pexels

One thing you will notice about these spaces is the lack of clutter. 

Yes, I’m on to that again. Clutter relates directly to stress. Resort does not. Sorry. I can’t separate these two. 

So, look closely at the storage options for the bedrooms you like and determine if the nightstands, ottoman, or console offers some storage possibilities for you.

Also, take a look at every photo as well and see if there is a desk space included. This is a hot button for the work-from-home crowd. If you work remotely, please try not to have your desk located in your bedroom. If you must, attempt to keep it completely clear of paperwork and reminders of your day job. 

After You Have Chosen Your Bed, The Focus Becomes The Bedding

I would highly recommend upgrading your sheets. A set of fabulous sheets can run you $200 or $300, but if you know me, I love to bargain shop.

If you search places like HomeGoods or TJ Maxx, you will be able to find a wide variety of 1000-1500 thread count sheets that are amazing and they are usually under $50 for the set. Those retailers are usually limited in size and color, but there are plenty of white King and Queen options out there.

Macy’s Hotel Collection is an affordable line that has greater variety. Treat yourself. It does not have to be expensive. When you sink into 1500 thread count at the end of the day you know you have arrived.

Consider A Down Comforter If Allergies Are Not A Factor

Barring any allergies to down, it is the most luxurious thing you will ever feel on top of your body. I have a down duvet insert on my bed and we have a top comforter as well. The top cover is really just for an added layer of padding and to give the bed a nice, finished look.

When we sleep, we always have at least 1500 thread count and a down duvet on top of that. That combination is fabulous.

The down is just a little heavier, it breathes better than a down alternative comforter. It is also a little more comforting than the synthetic down alternative.

Again, with the white interiors enjoying such popularity, white comforters, toppers, and duvet covers are plentiful in the marketplace. You can find them in any size and variety you want.

I would highly recommend keeping your top and a few of your pillows white and just throw a little bit of color on the accent pillows or perhaps a blanket to add some interest. Keep it simple. Keep it elegant.

Resort Style Master Bedroom

Image by khiem tran from Pixabay 

Now The Nightstands...

If you think about what a nightstand would look like at a nice resort, it probably has a lamp, a clock and maybe a plant. Just something simple. That is really all you need on nightstands.

Remember, serenity is what makes a resort style master work and clutter diminishes that entirely.  

Your nightstand should not be that different.

Leave all the tchotchkes for your curio cabinet. Maybe put a couple books lying flat with a plant on top and a lamp. That is all you need on a nightstand.

These days we do not even need a clock. We all have cell phones that probably charge on our night stands so why the need for a clock? 

Remove ALL Excess Clutter.  All Of It. 

Ask yourself this question as you design, “Why do I need this?” If it is something you like, that is one thing. But if you do not need it and you do not know why it’s there, then get rid of it.

The other aspect of resort rooms is the luxury of space. We all do not have the good fortune of having a 20×20 master bedroom.

If you do have a smaller master, maybe a 12×12, there is no sense in having a small room and cluttering it with tons of junk.

If you need help organizing that or getting rid of things, please contact me. I am happy to offer my services for you. It is easy and can be done inside of a day.

A TV For Ambiance? Yes Please!

Finally, if you have a TV in your bedroom, it should be hung up on the wall with the cords hiding in the drywall.

It is distressing to see a beautiful master suite and a TV sitting on top of a piece of furniture or hung up with the cords running down the wall. There is an easy fix to get your cords hidden inside the drywall. A handyman can do that for you for a nominal fee. Wires running down a wall does not equal resort bedroom.

I used to not be an advocate of a TV in the bedroom. However, I must say with streaming, I really like playing a screensaver, especially one with either water flowing in the background or smooth jazz playing.

As night falls and my day winds down, it is incredibly relaxing to walk into the room and to see a beautiful screensaver with calming music playing. Most TVs can be programmed to come on with a timer so it is ready for you! Try it, your room will feel like a spa.

Resort Style Master Bedroom

Photo by 刘 强 on Unsplash

It Is No Longer A Dream To Have A Resort-Style Bedroom In Your Home!

The bottom line on this is that you deserve a fabulous master bedroom.

You are the one working day in and day out to pay your bills. You are the one working to get your family where they need to be and making sure everyone is fed, taking care of the dog, making sure the car is washed, along with all of the other trivial things that are going on in life.

At the end of the day (literally), you deserve a nice bedroom so give yourself the permission to make the change.

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