3 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Cruise For Your Next Vacation

A photo of a cruise ship

Are you considering taking a cruise anytime soon? The cruise industry has had some major hurdles to overcome in the recent years. Cruising is still one of my favorite vacation getaways. 

Here are 3 reasons you should consider booking a cruise NOW!

A Word About Traveling Post-Pandemic

Ever since the pandemic took over the headlines around the world and travel stopped, the cruise industry was one of the hardest hit. 

Hotels still had rooms available, flights still had seats, but the ocean liners were all but stuck in port. Who would want to get on board a ship where they could be surrounded by infectious disease?

I agree that in the beginning of Covid, that was certainly a major issue of concern.

As we are emerging from the pandemic, new precautions are in place to avoid infections from spreading on board ship.

1. You will will find that everyone around you is also on vacation.

No matter how many great getaways you plan, there is always the day-to-day traffic and bustle around you.

Even down at a five-star resort in Mexico or secluded beach on an island, there are still people going about their everyday lives around you. All-inclusive resorts often host company retreats and business events. The reminder of “life” is always present.

In contrast, there is something very dynamic about the ship leaving port and sailing off into the horizon. Food is plentiful, the casinos are hopping, and of course, the bars are always open. It is honestly a 24-hour party.

a photo of fun on a cruise ship

Photo from Ellen Phillips travel archive

I listen to naysayers complain that they can’t imagine being “stuck on a ship,” but cruise ships have so many things to do! I rarely have time to do everything that is available. We go from morning until the wee hours partaking in everything we can.

2. You will sleep like a baby

The feeling of the ship rocking in the waves all night is something so incredibly serene. It is hardly a wonder that everyone wakes up and comments about how well they slept the night before. You feel like a baby being rocked in a cradle. It’s absolutely wonderful.

A photo on board a cruise ship

Photo from Ellen Phillips travel archive

I highly recommend getting a balcony cabin as well. You can hear the sound of the ocean waves as you drift off to sleep. There is nothing like it. So relaxing.

3. Once ridiculed for their cheesy entertainment, the cruise industry has stepped up their game!

Aside from Broadway, of course, some of the most fantastic shows that I have seen have been on board a cruise ship.

You won’t get full-on plays, but the entertainment is always enjoyable. Magicians, Comedians, Dancers, and Revues have all been incredibly entertaining.

a photo of a cruise ship in port

Photo from Ellen Phillips travel archive

Because the beverages are flowing, most of the passengers are all a bit loose as well. It is not uncommon to have fits of laughter with some of the interactive shows on board.

Although it sounds incredibly lame, I have watched some of the most talented jugglers on a cruise stage. The concept of juggling while a ship is rocking is talent alone. The juggler I’m recalling was also performing his act while riding up and down the stage on a unicycle!

I don’t know, maybe it was one too many amaretto & sodas for me but, he was phenomenal!

One last bonus item for thought

There is no other vacation that I can think of where you will wake up in a new and exotic location every single day. Some people may love an inside cabin for the darkness and peaceful night of sleep. I love waking up and peeking out of the window to see where we have dropped anchor for our next day.

A tropical island, a bustling city, a Caribbean fort, or perhaps just another day at sea to spend relaxing.

Vacations and touring can be exhausting and stressful if you haven’t made this flight or that connection. I guarantee you won’t have anything remotely like that on board a cruise ship. Book your next voyage today!

Spending a day exploring a port or just relaxing in the pool, dining on an amazing  five-course meal with free-flowing wine, taking in a show, enjoying a bit of time in the casino, and then enjoying a restful night only to do it all again tomorrow – yeah, that’s one fantastic vacation!  

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