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Designer, Organizer, Mom, Retired Athlete, Yoga Junkie, and Travel Enthusiast

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Interior Design is the backbone of who I am. 
I have worked in design for longer than I want to admit, but now I want to share my experience and knowledge. 
Look for articles, photos, and insights into design here on my blog!

As a merchandising interior designer, my career is dependent on being on top of trends, so it’s a good thing I love to shop! 

Trendspotting and market research are never a chore, but actually one of the most enjoyable parts of my work. I have added a trends section to my site specifically designed to share my focus on the latest trends in the market. 

Now I am expanding my lens to cover not only interior design and décor, but lifestyle trends as well!

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Travel & More

13 Countries    |    35 US States    |    5 Outlying Territories

13 Countries | 35 US States  | 5  Territories

(and counting)

Check out my Travel Section for loads of photos and great tips for your next fabulous getaway!


A life well lived is a legacy
Of joy and pride and pleasure,
A living, lasting memory
Our grateful hearts will treasure


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